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Kinixys zombensis zombensis

Eastern Hingeback Tortoise


Kinixys z. zombensis

TKC is currently working with a small group of K. zombensis.  This species is not common in captivity in the US and we have worked very hard to pull our group together.  

A huge THANK YOU is owed to the Hingeback community for supporting this project. Multiple people have donated or helped us find available K. zombensis to build a small project. TKC is hopeful to source additional animals from Europe or receive a confiscated import in the future to bolster our genetic diversity.  

On September 16th, 2019 we hatched our first Kinixys zombensis after 223 days of incubation. This was a huge accomplishment for us and we are working hard to succeed again. We had a second bloodline lay one viable egg and incubate for almost one full year before the hatchling perished just before pipping. 

TKC is currently looking to expand our Kinixys zombenis project - please reach out if you are working with this species:

Below, you will see a collage of some of our Eastern Hingeback Tortoises. COMING SOON! 

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