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Kinixys lobatsiana

Lobatse Hingeback Tortoise

Lobatse Hinge.jpg

Kinixys lobatsiana

TKC is currently working with a single Lobatse male. This is our favorite species, but they are endemic to South Africa and Botswana and neither of those countries export them.  


I am not aware of anyone in the world producing them in captivity outside of their range countries.   

I would like to build a group of these amazing tortoises in the future through acquiring confiscations of them, but I have no interest in supporting their collection. This is a species that I got to work with in the field in South Africa, and I would prefer to support their conservation in country.  

TKC is currently looking for more photos of Kinixys lobatsiana. If you have kept this species, please email:

Below, you will see a few photos of our male Lobatse.  COMING SOON!

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