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Kinixys erosa

Serrated Hingeback Tortoise / Forest Hingeback Tortoise


Kinixys erosa

TKC is currently working with a large group of wild caught and captive born K. erosa.  This species is a main focus of ours, given that few private keepers and institutions have had success establishing and breeding fresh wild caught individuals.


Dalton State University is leading the way with this species and has been a great collaboration partner, sharing both information and captive born specimens with TKC.  

As of June 2020, we are working with 10 different captive born genetic lineages, and more than 10 wild caught lineages.  We have hatched 5 specimens from two different clutches and have many more developing eggs at this time from new bloodlines.  

TKC is currently looking to expand our Kinixys erosa project - please reach out if you are working with this species:

Below, you will see a collage of some of our Forest Hingeback Tortoises. COMING SOON!

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