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Kinixys homeana

Home's Hingeback Tortoise

homeana babies.jpg

Kinixys homeana

TKC is currently working with a diverse group of wild caught and captive born K. homeana.  This species has good security in US captive populations due to the fact that they are being reproduced at multiple facilities under different husbandry conditions. Once wild caught are established, they can be quite reproductive. 


David Mifsud, Tom Arbour, Kurt Edwards, Andrew Hermes, Dalton State University, and others are producing this species regularly in decent numbers.   

As of June 2020, we are working with 11 different captive born genetic lineages, and more than 10 wild caught lineages.  We have hatched more than 10 specimens from two different bloodlines over the last two years and look forward to 2020 production.    

TKC is currently looking to expand our Kinixys homeana project - please reach out if you are working with this species:

Below, you will see a collage of some of our Home's Hingeback Tortoises. COMING SOON!

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