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Kinixys nogueyi

Western Hingeback Tortoise


Kinixys nogueyi

TKC is currently working with a nice group of Western Hingebacks. This species has not come into the country for many years and what has survived from those imports is what we have to work with today. I am grateful for many generous folks who have donated their lone Kinixys nogueyi to our project.  


David Mifsud and Tom Arbour are producing this species. Tom has hatched more than 10 just this year alone! 

As of June 2020, we are working with 7 different captive born genetic lineages, and just under 10 wild caught lineages.  We have have our first K. nogueyi eggs developing now and look forward to hatching them for the first time later in 2020.    

TKC is currently looking to expand our Kinixys nogueyi project - please reach out if you are working with this species:

Below, you will see a collage of some of our Western Hingeback Tortoises. COMING SOON!

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