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The Kinixys Cooperative

TKC exists to preserve Kinixys in captivity by collaborating to produce healthy genetically diverse captive born offspring and to conserve them in their native ranges to the best of our ability by assisting in research and contributing donations. 

Thank you to my wife, Marissa, and the countless other supporters who have helped grow The Kinixys Cooperative to what it is today!

Jeremy Thompson - TKC Founder


Kinixys Preservation

TKC is focused on establishing viable captive breeding groups of various Hingeback species. This is not possible without the collaboration of many different individuals and institutions. I believe that with the web of expertise that we have focused on this genus, we will be able to increase their captive numbers and prevent extinction.  

*This "Speke's Khaki" logo will be used for anything pertaining to Kinixys captive breeding and preservation.  


Kinixys Conservation

TKC is dedicated to supporting Hingeback research and conservation. There are a few people working diligently on these fronts in-situ, and we are helping fund their efforts. The donations raised go directly toward studies in genetics, morphology, range maps and ecology. It is much easier to protect a species in the wild if these principles are understood. 

*This "Lobatse Orange" logo will be used for anything pertaining to research and conservation. 


Kinixys Education

TKC promises to openly share Hingeback husbandry information.  Our collaboration with the Kinixys Working Group will help spread critical incubation, diet, breeding and keeping details.  The TTPG and TSA conferences are great avenues for us to present some of this information as well as through our social media platforms and scientific publications shared  

*This "Veld Green" logo will be used for anything pertaining to Kinixys education. 

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